Tamarackhti.com Updates


Visit www.tamarackhti.com to check out the new features and web pages on the Tamarack™ website. We’ve added a product showcase on the homepage, LinkedIn profiles to employee pages and two new Tamarack product pages for our glidefree transfer board strips and GlideWear cushion covers.


Coming Soon…

Within the next month Tamarack will unveil its new shopping cart, where customers will be able to purchase glidefree and ENGO® Patches direct from tamarackhti.com, with additional products expected by late 2009.



2 thoughts on “Tamarackhti.com Updates

  1. interested in cushion covers, also do you still make custom cushions, or have foam to replace top layer on a tamarack cushion made for me in 2001?

  2. Hi Jerry,
    I’m not sure if you’ve been contacted about your questiosn about our new GlideWear product or not. If not, I apologize. Our new GlideWear cushion interface will be available later this month (www.glidewear.com). We don’t manufacture or repair the old Tamarack cushions, but I know Otto Bock in Plymouth, MN does repair and manufacture replacement cushions. Thanks for your comments!

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