Callus Debridement or Shaving of the Diabetic Foot

Calluses are a particular problem for people with diabetic peripheral neuropathy. An earlier post entitled Callus Prevention on Diabetic Feet through Friction Reduction explores in greater depth why callusing poses a risk.

One way to deal with calluses on the diabetic foot is debridement. However, debridement of calluses should only be undertaken by a healthcare professional because of the danger of injury to the insensate foot.

This instructional video on Callus Debridement from Indian Health Services, division of Diabetes Treatment and Prevention, provides clear guidance to the clinician on callus debridement. In the video note especially the soft, mushy center of the callus exposed by the shaving. As the narrator points out, this is a typical location where a pre-ulcerative lesion can form.

To make callus debridement a little easier and less risky, use ShearBan® in-between debridement sessions. ShearBan can be positioned on footwear opposite the callus. By reducing friction and shear loading, ShearBan can slow callus formation and reduce the amount of tissue that has to be removed.

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