How to Reduce Inflammation Caused by Ingrown Toenails

Got a pesky ingrown toenail that you can’t seem to keep away? You’re not alone! Ingrown toenails are relatively common, and are caused by poorly fitting shoes and improper nail hygiene. Proper trimming involves cutting or filing nails straight across the top of the toe – not rounding the corners.

According to Dr. Phyllis Ragley, DPM and President of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine (AAPSM), olive oil has been known to help ease inflammation caused by ingrown toenails. Ragley says “Rub olive oil on the side of the toenail. It keeps the skin soft, so there is less pressure and discomfort. Also, the skin can more easily accommodate the nail.”

Although the olive oil may work to reduce pain, temporarily, we recommend consulting a podiatrist to have the ingrown nail properly trimmed. If you cannot make an appointment right away, soak the affected foot in warm Epsom salt to help reduce swelling. But don’t wait too long. The nail will continue to grow – causing more pain, inflammation and risk of serious infection.

Source: Tacio, D. Henrylito. 21 June 2010.


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