Abilities Expo Chicago 2016 Summary

Abilities.LogosTamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc. just returned from the Abilities Expo Chicago, showcasing the company’s GlideWear Shear Protection product line along with a few other products that aid in foot blister, callus, and ulcer prevention (ENGO Blister Prevention Patches) and sliding board transfers (GlideFree Transfer Board Tape).

Abilities Expo attendees were welcomed by over 100 exhibitors for this three day expo, featuring products and services for amputees, wheelchair users, homecare, and others with advanced mobility needs. The Abilities Expo’s are put on by a handful of hardworking and compassionate individuals, led by co-owner’s Lew Shomer and David Korse, who were both onsite to greet and interact with vendors and attendees.

In addition to Abilities Expo Chicago, the organizers also host a half dozen other events each year, including locations in the Bay Area, Boston, Houston, Los Angeles, New Jersey, and Washington DC.

In addition to vendor booths, Abilities Expo Chicago 2016 featured events and demonstrations on wheelchair dancing, therapy horses, service dogs, adaptive art & gaming, rugby, soccer, and much more.

Abilities Expo Chicago 2016A few product innovations that stood out in the exhibit hall for their innovative, clinically appropriate designs and crowd appeal included a unique line of tilt-in-space manual wheelchairs by PDG Mobility, RoWheels‘ innovative “rowing” wheel design for manual wheelchairs and GlideWear shear protection cushion covers, socks, and undershorts for skin protection and bedsore prevention.

It was truly a pleasure being a part of this great event, having the opportunity to meet hundreds of unique and amazing individuals who could all benefit from Tamarack’s pressure ulcer prevention products.


Be sure to look for Tamarack at future Abilities Expo locations, including LA and New Jersey in 2017, to receive exclusive discounts on new product offerings.

For more information about upcoming Abilities Expo events, visit www.AbilitiesExpo.com.


Tamarack Welcomes New GlideWear Distributor Serving Portugal

Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc. (Minneapolis, MN USA) welcomes Padrao Ortopedico as the company’s newest GlideWear shear protection product line distributor, serving the orthotic, prosthetic, and podiatric industries across Portugal.

SOCIEDADE REPRESENTAÇÕES v4 [Converted]Padrao Ortopedico

Website: http://www.padrao-ortopedico.com

Phone: (22) 906 51 48, (22) 906 51 49

Contact Name: Carlos Quelhas

GlideWear products feature a unique, patented dual-layer fabric technology sewn strategically into at-risk zones within socks, undershorts, wheelchair cushion covers, pillowcases and other devices, to protect the user from pressure injuries (commonly referred to as bedsores) due to friction & shear.

To view the entire line of GlideWear shear protection products, click here.

Contact Carlos at Padrao Ortopedico (Portugal) to request a presentation or more information about the GlideWear product line.

Tamarack Launches GlideWear Forefoot Shear Protection Socks

GlideWear® Forefoot Shear Protection Socks feature a patented, dual layer low friction zone that provides targeted shear reduction across the forefoot to prevent and relieve abrasion, friction, and shear-related skin breakdown. Unlike traditional dual layer socks, which can cause a loss of stability while walking with and without footwear, GlideWear is strategically positioned around the forefoot to maximize stability and comfort for the user.

In developing the GlideWear® Forefoot Sock, Tamarack partnered with Knit-Rite, Inc. (Kansas City, KS USA) to incorporate their SmartKnit® Seamless Sock Technology into the GlideWear design; resulting in a product that offers maximum comfort and performance for people at-risk for developing skin breakdown on their feet.

GlideWear Forefoot Shear Protection Socks provide immediate relief and lasting protection against:

  • Metatarsal plantar surface ulcers
  • Hallux callusing and blisters
  • Toe blisters

Available in full forefoot and partial foot (transmetatarsal amputee) models; both crew length and featuring white SmartKnit Socks.

For more information about GlideWear® Forefoot Shear Protection Socks, visit www.glidewear.com.

Healthcare professionals and dealers: contact us about ordering GlideWear Forefoot Shear Protection Socks for your facility or showroom.

Tamarack Habilitation Technologies and Knit-Rite Announce Strategic Partnership





(January 12, 2016) Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc. (Minneapolis, MN USA) and Knit-Rite, Inc (Kansas City, Kansas, USA) are pleased to announce a strategic supply partnership to deliver a new line of skin protection options for patients using orthotic-prosthetic and complex rehab technologies.

The first major initiative between the two organizations begins this January with the launch of a new line of GlideWear® SmartKnit® Seamless Shear Protection Socks and an Above-Knee Brim Sheath, hybrid products from Tamarack featuring Knit-Rite’s proprietary SmartKnit® technology and Tamarack’s patented GlideWear® low friction fabric technology.

“We are enthusiastic about partnering with Knit-Rite, another well-respected leader in the Orthotic & Prosthetic field. The merging of Tamarack’s patented strategic shear and microclimate management textile technology with Knit-Rite’s high quality knit textile products will bring real value to patients at risk for tissue wounds and pressure ulcers”, says Joe Hofmeister, CEO at Tamarack Habilitation Technologies.

Mark Smith CP(r), CEO at Knit-Rite adds, “Knit-Rite is excited about the collaboration with Tamarack as it further supports our commitment to providing innovative textile solutions that help patients have the best quality of life possible.”

About Tamarack Habilitation Technologies

Based in Blaine, Minnesota, USA, Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc. is a med-tech product development and manufacturing company specializing in ankle-foot biomechanics, wheelchair seating, and friction management technologies.

Tamarack’s most recent technological innovation, GlideWear® shear protection fabric technology, is under development and in commercial use in a number of specific product applications, including wheelchair seat cushion and headrest covers, prosthetic liner patches, shear protection socks and underwear, and bedding.

For more information about Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, visit www.tamarackhti.com

About Knit-Rite, Inc.

Based in Kansas City, Kansas USA, Knit-Rite, Inc. is a leading designer, marketer, and manufacturer of innovative textiles for medical and consumer markets. Knit-Rite has manufactured medical textile solutions that promote mobility, protection, and comfort for more than 90 years.

For more information about Knit-Rite, Inc., visit www.knitrite.com



Jason Pawelsky, Sales & Marketing Manager

Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc.




Kam Howard, EVP Marketing

Knit-Rite Inc.



Adaptive Clothing Options

GlideWear Shear Protection Underwear, featuring a dual layer low friction zone

GlideWear Shear Protection Underwear, featuring a dual layer low friction zone (manufactured by Tamarack Habilitation Technologies)

After recently introducing GlideWear® Shear Protection Underwear for wheelchair users and individuals who are at-risk for skin breakdown from extended bed-stay, we went on the hunt for companies who specialize in the design, manufacture, and sale of adaptive clothing. We hope that, one day, our innovative skin protection garments will become a household name for  individuals seeking protection and relief from skin breakdown. Click the link above for more information about GlideWear products.

In the meantime, we bring you our list of 10 adaptive clothing companies who focus on providing comfortable, protective,  and functional clothing alternatives to what’s available in traditional retail stores.

  1. IZ Clothingwww.izcollection.com
  2. Buck & Buck®www.buckandbuck.com
  3. Silvertswww.silverts.com
  4. Adaptive Clothing Showroomwww.adaptiveclothingshowroom.com
  5. WheelieChix Chicwww.wheeliechix-chic.com
  6. ABL Denimwww.abldenim.com
  7. Ag Apparelwww.agapparel.com
  8. Cur8Ablewww.cur8able.com
  9. Able2Wearwww.able2wear.co.uk
  10. Les Boutiques Chic Chez Vouschicchezvous.com

Another website that every active wheelchair users should bookmark and explore is PUSHLiving.com, an accessible travel, lifestyle, and shopping website. PUSHLiving features a wealth of relevant articles, travel and product recommendations, disability-inclusive photography, and more.

If you found this blog post to be useful, please share it with others in your social network, leave a comment, and check out our GlideWear product line at www.glidewear.com. Thank you for your support!

Tamarack Wins 2015 Minnesota Business Manufacturing Award

We’re excited to announce that Tamarack Habilitation Technologies was awarded the Best New Products: Textiles category winner at the 2015 Minnesota Manufacturing Awards last night, sponsored by Minnesota Business Magazine.

2015 Minnesota Manufacturing Awards

Nominations for this year’s award were collected over a two-month period and reviewed by an external judging panel, consisting of industry experts across all professional platforms. The two other finalists in this category included Clothier Design Source and Safe Reflections Inc. For a complete list of finalists and winners, visit the 2015 Minnesota Manufacturing Awards Feature online.

Tamarack recently launched a series of new GlideWear® Shear Protection products, featuring the company’s patented, dual layer strategic friction management fabric technology. GlideWear products currently include shear protection wheelchair cushion & headrest covers, underwear, socks, and prosthetic liner patches.

Unlike other dual layer products on the market, Tamarack strategically applies it’s low friction fabric technology only in at-risk areas, where skin breakdown has previously occurred or where individuals are likely to develop pressure ulcers and breakdown while using various seating, support surface, and mobility devices. GlideWear products intentionally avoid featuring low friction fabric properties in surrounding (non at-risk areas) to optimize functional stability and comfort for the user.

Tamarack would like to thank Minnesota Business Magazine and the esteemed panel of judges for considering and selecting GlideWear technology as a category winner at the 2015 Minnesota Manufacturing Awards!

Tamarack GlideWear Technology Announced As Finalist For 2015 Manufacturing Awards

MBS_MFG_logowebMBWe’re delighted to announce that Tamarack Habilitation Technologies has been announced as a finalist for the 2015 Minnesota Manufacturing Awards for the development and commercialization of GlideWear® technology.

GlideWear is a unique, dual layer fabric technology that, when sewn strategically within garments and other textile products, provides users with all-day protection against friction and shear-related skin breakdown.

Healthcare products currently manufactured using GlideWear shear protection technology include wheelchair cushion and headrest covers, prosthetic liner patches, socks, and underwear. Additional products are under development, including a “Pre-Ply” version for third party manufacturers to sew into their own textile products.

Minnesota Business’ 2015 Minnesota Manufacturing Awards winners will be announced Wednesday, September 24, 2015 at a evening ceremony.

GlideWear Shear Protection Underwear (shown, above)

GlideWear products are proudly manufactured, packaged, and distributed from Tamarack’s headquarters, located in Minnesota, USA.

About Tamarack:

Headquartered in Blaine, Minnesota, USA, Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc. is a med-tech product development and manufacturing company specializing in ankle-foot biomechanics, wheelchair seating, and friction management technologies.

Tamarack’s most notable product lines include Tamarack Flexure Joint®, ShearBan®, ENGO® Blister Prevention Patches, GlideWear®, and FlexForm™ Custom Seating System

For more information about Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, visit www.tamarackhti.com