Tamarack Habilitation Technologies and Knit-Rite Announce Strategic Partnership





(January 12, 2016) Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc. (Minneapolis, MN USA) and Knit-Rite, Inc (Kansas City, Kansas, USA) are pleased to announce a strategic supply partnership to deliver a new line of skin protection options for patients using orthotic-prosthetic and complex rehab technologies.

The first major initiative between the two organizations begins this January with the launch of a new line of GlideWear® SmartKnit® Seamless Shear Protection Socks and an Above-Knee Brim Sheath, hybrid products from Tamarack featuring Knit-Rite’s proprietary SmartKnit® technology and Tamarack’s patented GlideWear® low friction fabric technology.

“We are enthusiastic about partnering with Knit-Rite, another well-respected leader in the Orthotic & Prosthetic field. The merging of Tamarack’s patented strategic shear and microclimate management textile technology with Knit-Rite’s high quality knit textile products will bring real value to patients at risk for tissue wounds and pressure ulcers”, says Joe Hofmeister, CEO at Tamarack Habilitation Technologies.

Mark Smith CP(r), CEO at Knit-Rite adds, “Knit-Rite is excited about the collaboration with Tamarack as it further supports our commitment to providing innovative textile solutions that help patients have the best quality of life possible.”

About Tamarack Habilitation Technologies

Based in Blaine, Minnesota, USA, Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc. is a med-tech product development and manufacturing company specializing in ankle-foot biomechanics, wheelchair seating, and friction management technologies.

Tamarack’s most recent technological innovation, GlideWear® shear protection fabric technology, is under development and in commercial use in a number of specific product applications, including wheelchair seat cushion and headrest covers, prosthetic liner patches, shear protection socks and underwear, and bedding.

For more information about Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, visit www.tamarackhti.com

About Knit-Rite, Inc.

Based in Kansas City, Kansas USA, Knit-Rite, Inc. is a leading designer, marketer, and manufacturer of innovative textiles for medical and consumer markets. Knit-Rite has manufactured medical textile solutions that promote mobility, protection, and comfort for more than 90 years.

For more information about Knit-Rite, Inc., visit www.knitrite.com



Jason Pawelsky, Sales & Marketing Manager

Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc.




Kam Howard, EVP Marketing

Knit-Rite Inc.




Pressure Ulcer Prevention Resources 2015

World Wide Pressure Ulcer Prevention Day

In support of World Wide Pressure Ulcer Prevention Day, November 19, 2015, here are FIVE valuable resources for healthcare professionals and facility managers to consider when fighting back against the genesis of avoidable pressure ulcers.



  1. Invest in the Prevention and Treatment of Pressure Ulcers: Clinical Practice Guideline (full-text or quick-reference version). Leaders from the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP), European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (EPUAP) and Pan Pacific Pressure Injury Alliance (PPPIA) recently introduced the latest Clinical Practice Guideline to provide explicit recommendations and research summaries related to pressure ulcer genesis, classification, prevention/avoidance, and treatment. While you may not have the time to read the Guideline from cover to cover, it’s an excellent reference document when considering changes to your facilities pressure ulcer protocol.
  2. Embrace new perspectives on pressure ulcer avoidance. Consider subscribing to e-newsletters and publications you don’t already read in order to gain new insight about the latest procedures and technologies available to you in the fight against pressure ulcers. For example, today’s edition of the Mobility Management emobility newsletter (11/19/2015) revealed new perspectives on the role that friction, shear, and microclimate play in the development and prevention of pressure ulcers.
  3. Plan to attend at least one clinical symposium/exhibition over the next 12 months that you haven’t previously attended. The NPUAP Staging Consensus Conference, WOCN Society Annual Conference, and SAWC Spring/Fall Meeting are just three of many great networking, educational and product preview options available to healthcare professionals, educators, and facility managers. Expanding your knowledge base beyond your area of specialty will broaden your clinical perspective and offer new product & technology offerings that have yet to reach your area of specialty.
  4. Take advantage of free education opportunities online. Webinars, association websites, specialty forums, and Youtube videos offer a wealth of free and easily accessible opportunities to gain knowledge about products and treatment techniques. When you get tired of reading, check out a video like this one about shear reduction in wheelchair seating systems:
  5. Don’t stop now – share your knowledge! When you come across interesting new treatment procedures and products in the healthcare journals you read, take a moment to forward them to your colleagues in an effort to spark discussion about how your facility might improve your own patient care procedures. Take advantage of social media to learn and share new clinical insights that may reveal opportunities for enhanced patient care that can be immediately applied to your care plans.

Adaptive Clothing Options

GlideWear Shear Protection Underwear, featuring a dual layer low friction zone

GlideWear Shear Protection Underwear, featuring a dual layer low friction zone (manufactured by Tamarack Habilitation Technologies)

After recently introducing GlideWear® Shear Protection Underwear for wheelchair users and individuals who are at-risk for skin breakdown from extended bed-stay, we went on the hunt for companies who specialize in the design, manufacture, and sale of adaptive clothing. We hope that, one day, our innovative skin protection garments will become a household name for  individuals seeking protection and relief from skin breakdown. Click the link above for more information about GlideWear products.

In the meantime, we bring you our list of 10 adaptive clothing companies who focus on providing comfortable, protective,  and functional clothing alternatives to what’s available in traditional retail stores.

  1. IZ Clothingwww.izcollection.com
  2. Buck & Buck®www.buckandbuck.com
  3. Silvertswww.silverts.com
  4. Adaptive Clothing Showroomwww.adaptiveclothingshowroom.com
  5. WheelieChix Chicwww.wheeliechix-chic.com
  6. ABL Denimwww.abldenim.com
  7. Ag Apparelwww.agapparel.com
  8. Cur8Ablewww.cur8able.com
  9. Able2Wearwww.able2wear.co.uk
  10. Les Boutiques Chic Chez Vouschicchezvous.com

Another website that every active wheelchair users should bookmark and explore is PUSHLiving.com, an accessible travel, lifestyle, and shopping website. PUSHLiving features a wealth of relevant articles, travel and product recommendations, disability-inclusive photography, and more.

If you found this blog post to be useful, please share it with others in your social network, leave a comment, and check out our GlideWear product line at www.glidewear.com. Thank you for your support!

Free Pressure Ulcer Wound Care Webinar, Hosted by NPUAP

World Wide Pressure Ulcer Prevention DayIn support of World Wide Pressure Ulcer Prevention Day, November 19, 2015, the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP) is hosting a free, live webinar, presented by Dr. Jeffrey Levine, MD, titled History of Pressure Ulcers and Wound Care: Past, Present, and Future.

Dr. Levine’s presentation will review the history of pressure ulcers and wound care, highlight major challenges facing today’s practitioners caring for patients with pressure ulcers, and discuss the future of pressure ulcers and wound care.

Please note: This webinar qualifies for 1 hour of multidisciplinary CEU’s and registration is limited to only 1,000 individuals, so reserve your spot today!

For more information about this event, World Wide Pressure Ulcer Prevention Day, and the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel, visit http://www.npuap.org/.

Tamarack Wins 2015 Minnesota Business Manufacturing Award

We’re excited to announce that Tamarack Habilitation Technologies was awarded the Best New Products: Textiles category winner at the 2015 Minnesota Manufacturing Awards last night, sponsored by Minnesota Business Magazine.

2015 Minnesota Manufacturing Awards

Nominations for this year’s award were collected over a two-month period and reviewed by an external judging panel, consisting of industry experts across all professional platforms. The two other finalists in this category included Clothier Design Source and Safe Reflections Inc. For a complete list of finalists and winners, visit the 2015 Minnesota Manufacturing Awards Feature online.

Tamarack recently launched a series of new GlideWear® Shear Protection products, featuring the company’s patented, dual layer strategic friction management fabric technology. GlideWear products currently include shear protection wheelchair cushion & headrest covers, underwear, socks, and prosthetic liner patches.

Unlike other dual layer products on the market, Tamarack strategically applies it’s low friction fabric technology only in at-risk areas, where skin breakdown has previously occurred or where individuals are likely to develop pressure ulcers and breakdown while using various seating, support surface, and mobility devices. GlideWear products intentionally avoid featuring low friction fabric properties in surrounding (non at-risk areas) to optimize functional stability and comfort for the user.

Tamarack would like to thank Minnesota Business Magazine and the esteemed panel of judges for considering and selecting GlideWear technology as a category winner at the 2015 Minnesota Manufacturing Awards!

Tamarack GlideWear Technology Announced As Finalist For 2015 Manufacturing Awards

MBS_MFG_logowebMBWe’re delighted to announce that Tamarack Habilitation Technologies has been announced as a finalist for the 2015 Minnesota Manufacturing Awards for the development and commercialization of GlideWear® technology.

GlideWear is a unique, dual layer fabric technology that, when sewn strategically within garments and other textile products, provides users with all-day protection against friction and shear-related skin breakdown.

Healthcare products currently manufactured using GlideWear shear protection technology include wheelchair cushion and headrest covers, prosthetic liner patches, socks, and underwear. Additional products are under development, including a “Pre-Ply” version for third party manufacturers to sew into their own textile products.

Minnesota Business’ 2015 Minnesota Manufacturing Awards winners will be announced Wednesday, September 24, 2015 at a evening ceremony.

GlideWear Shear Protection Underwear (shown, above)

GlideWear products are proudly manufactured, packaged, and distributed from Tamarack’s headquarters, located in Minnesota, USA.

About Tamarack:

Headquartered in Blaine, Minnesota, USA, Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc. is a med-tech product development and manufacturing company specializing in ankle-foot biomechanics, wheelchair seating, and friction management technologies.

Tamarack’s most notable product lines include Tamarack Flexure Joint®, ShearBan®, ENGO® Blister Prevention Patches, GlideWear®, and FlexForm™ Custom Seating System

For more information about Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, visit www.tamarackhti.com



Vector-X Cushion with GlideWear Named one of Mobility Management’s Best Picks of 2015

Mobility Management magazine has named Comfort Company’s Vector-X wheelchair cushion with GlideWear technology one of their readers’ best picks for 2015.


Vector X with GlideWear Testimonial:

I love the GlideWear technology. When chosen for the right individual, it’s great to reduce the amount of shear force in the transfer, and I have found it to help the “active” crowd who continually moves and shifts in the chair without pressure relieving. Great cushion, great covers.

— Rob Lins, ATP, RTS, Home MediService Inc., Havre de Grace, MD

Click here to view the entire list of Mobility Management Best Picks 2015.

Unlike similar fabric technologies that offer shear and friction protection in seating & mattress applications, GlideWear Technology (Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Minneapolis, MN USA) focuses shear and friction reduction ONLY in areas of concern; ensuring the user can maintain proper seating posture and stability while realizing the friction, shear, and microclimate benefits of the patented GlideWear material.

GlideWear Technology is licensed exclusively in North America to Comfort Company (New Berlin, WI USA) for installation on Comfort Company and Vicair brand wheelchair cushions. Additionally, GlideWear technology is available in a patch format to help amputees relieve and prevent skin breakdown between their prosthesis and skin (GlideWear Prosthetic Liner Patch).

By mid-July, Tamarack will also release a new line of Shear Protection Underwear for men & women who develop decubitus ulcers from wheelchair and extended bed use as well as Shear Protection Heel & Ankle Socks for individuals who develop skin breakdown due to orthopedic bracing, footwear, and extended bed use. Additional applications for GlideWear technology are in development by Tamarack and under license to partners, worldwide.